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Sync your Relatel calls seamlessly into Zendesk, enhancing agent response speed! Empower your support team with the Relatel app, providing them a swift, comprehensive view of all incoming and outgoing calls for efficient time management.


Enhance agent response time by seamlessly incorporating Flexfone calls into Zendesk. The Flexfone app empowers your support team with a swift and concise view of all inbound and outbound calls, preserving valuable time.


The Webshipper app in Zendesk Support presents key order and shipment info to agents, ensuring quick access to customer histories and live orders. This aids agents in efficient, contextual support actions.

DanDomain Classic by Proventic

Effortlessly review DanDomain Classic orders within the ticket interface. Our app provides agents a complete customer snapshot, past and present orders, and tools for informed actions, all within a streamlined workspace for efficient customer support.

MobiKOM by Proventic

Seamlessly integrate MobiKOM calls into Zendesk for faster agent response. The MobiKOM app provides quick call overviews, automatically linking calls with caller info and tickets. Streamline workflows by adding call details to existing tickets or effortlessly creating new ones.

ipnordic by Proventic

Integrate ipnordic calls into Zendesk for quicker agent responses. The ipnordic app offers instant call insights, including caller details, organization, and tickets, streamlining support and simplifying ticket creation.

Bilstatistik Lookup by Proventic

Proventic’s Bilstatistik Lookup instantly fetches Danish number/license plate info from ticket conversations, displaying car details in the sidebar. It handles multiple plates too, with one-click lookups. Manual search covers plates and VIN.

Nummerplade Opslag by Proventic

Proventic’s DK number plate lookup swiftly displays car details from Danish plates in tickets, even for multiple plates, and offers manual lookup for both plates and VINs.

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About Zendesk

Zendesk is among the world’s leading help desk software for customer service functions. Proventic offers Zendesk in Denmark with Danish support for your help centre. Zendesk is cloud-based and brings together all interactions and channels into one system. With the customer in focus, customer services can easily, conveniently and effortlessly communicate across channels – whether via chat, e-mail, phone or Facebook. With Zendesk help desk software, the customer can easily contact your business through their preferred communication channel.

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“Proventic understood and translated our needs into practical solutions. The system and integrations reflect our values and enhance customer interactions.”

Casper Thodsen, Mobitel COO

”Proventic saved our solution. They’ve managed to correct our setup to a proper format and therefore created the frames for the optimization of our systems and the positive results we see today.”

Morten Blomstrøm Lohmann – Development Manager, Gram BioLine

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